Yorkshire Terrier Training

To begin Yorkshire Terrier training, you must first bond with them. This will allow your Yorkshire Terrier to have complete trust in you.

It's extremely important for Yorkshire Terrier pet owners like yourself to be able to ascertain some elementary factors that will ordain the bond between you and your Yorkshire Terrier.

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Bonding with your Yorkshire Terrier

It is essential that a bond be built with your Yorkshire Terrier. Without this crucial step, you will not be able to train them. Once you bring them home, immediately institute a loving and caring relationship with them.

Yorkshire Terriers will respond much better to training commands when they are secure in their knowledge that they belong to the family. As with any relationship, you mush have mutual trust between your Yorkshire Terrier and you.

Building trust takes time. Respect will come from defining boundries, and whenever there is a breach of those boundries, they must be met with firmness and fairness.

Without limitations that are enforceable,  you will never develop respect. And if there isn't any respect, a bond with your Yorkshire Terrier will be impossible.

4 Rules When Building a Relationship with your Yorkshire Terrier

  • Spending quality time together;
  • Taking them out in the world in order to experience life together;
  • The establishment of mutual respect;
  • Developing a way of to communicate so that you may understand each others needs. 

When you build a bond with your Yorkshire Terrier this will help you to manage them better. This will help your Yorkshire Terrier to be calm, well adjusted, and quiet.

If you love your Yorkshire Terrier, they will love you back.

Once successful bonding has occurred with your Yorkshire Terrier, you can expect that Yorkshire Terrier training will be easy.

Yorkshire Terrier Training - How Your Yorkshire Terrier Learns

You can expect the learning period for your Yorkshire Terrier to be divided into 5 phases:

Teaching - This is where you must actually demonstrate to your Yorkshire Terrier what it is that you want them to do.

Practicing - Once  you have taught them something, practice with your Yorkie what they have just learned.

Generalizing - Here is where you practice with your Yorkshire Terrier in different locations that offer slight distractions. Doing so will help them to retain the information better.

Testing - Once you are reasonably sure that your Yorkshire Terrier has achieved success, it is time to test his accuracy in locations with a lot of distractions. When and if this fails, don't lose hope. Keep at it. Remember; Patience, Praise, and Persistence.

Internalizing - The rewarding phase. Your Yorkshire Terrier does everything they are taught.

Always remember to never scold them when they fail. It's not them that failed, but rather you as a trainer. Having patience and persistence with your efforts will lead to rewards.

Show your Yorkshire Terrier love and appreciation when they get it right.

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