Yorkie Care

Yorkie care and grooming are synonymous with this breed due to their long coats. For convenience and hygiene, you may want to consider keeping them trimmed short. Otherwise you will need to brush them daily in order to keep them free of tangles. You will generally need to bathe them once weekly, with males needing daily spot cleaning where urine collects. You may do this with a warm damp cloth.

Properly caring for your Yorkie also requires for you to remove mucus from the dog's eyes on a daily basis. This can be done easily by using cotton soaked in warm water. Take care to do this as mucus will rot their hair.

Be sure that the hair around their anus is kept clean as well.

You should have their ears checked on a regular basis due to ear wax build up and mites.

Pay particular care to their teeth. It is re commended that you brush their teeth twice a week.

Because Yorkies are prone to having chills, get them a warm coat to wear in cold weather.

And remember, because they eat so little, be sure to feed them a balanced, nutritious diet.

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