The joy of my life Lolita.

by GeO

Well what can i say. I love my Lola, I took this picture at my mom's house, I remember it was a hot summer day. I took Lola to my mom's house on a Sunday afternoon, she was 2 and a half years old, now she's 6 years old. I love this picture a lot, it brings back memories. Oh yeah, I just have to say that when you have a Yorkie they change your life, they can give you lots and lots of love especially when you live far away from your loved ones. I'm the proud owner of two bundles of joy Yorkies; Dolce, and Lolita and they make my life so wonderful, I really love my babies because that's what they are, they are a part of me. Every time I come home from work they are there for me, they make me feel so good. Especially when I have a hard day at work. Dolce and Lola you guys are my life, I love you guys.

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