Potty Training Puppies

Potty training puppies or adult Yorkshire Terriers is such an issue that even one small tip can turn out to be a very beneficial one.

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Before you may begin to housetrain puppies or an adult Yorkshire Terrier, there are a few things that you should know.

Understanding your dog's body language. Look for signs that tell you when they're ready to go.

Remember that puppies need to go frequently. When they wake up, after naps, after eating or playing, and before bed.

Taking them for a walk around the time that they usually need to go is key.

Praising your Yorkie after they eliminate in the right place.

With time you can even try signal training your Yorkshire Terrier. This is done by hanging a bell at their level at the door. You then have to teach them to push it with their nose when they need to go.

You shouldn't let your Yorkie roam around the house unattended until you are certain that they have been successfully housetrained.

Litter pan train your Yorkie if you live somewhere such as a high rise building that doesn't have a back yard. You do this by creating a space for them to go inside the house itself.

Positively reinforce them as you housetrain puppies or adult dogs. Remember not to scold or hit them as this will achieve nothing. Issuing a stern NO when catching them in the act will do.

Remember that even potty trained adult Yorkies will have accidents from time to time.

Intact male and female Yorkies will mark their territory. Use a deodorizing spray in places where they have marked their territory.

Remember that patience is key when it comes to house training puppies and adults.

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