Pet Insurance Review pet insurance review:  Should you purchase pet insurance?

According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans were to spend 12.2 billion dollars in veterinary care in 2009.

Veterinary medicine has dramatically changed in recent years. Vets are now able to offer treatments and sophisticated diagnostic tests that were unheard of just a few years ago.

Everything from radiation therapy to kidney transplants are available now for pets. So once fatal conditions for pets are now treatable, but at a cost that can range from $1000 to over $5000.

Veterinarians now have access to sophisticated diagnostic tools such as MRI's. These costly exams can detect problems that previously would have gone unnoticed and untreated.

There are a great many pet insurers out there. Unfortunately pre-existing and hereditary conditions are normally excluded.

There is one company however that does cover pre-existing as well as hereditary conditions.

Yorkie 411's pet insurance review has determined that PurinaCare  is by far the industry leader, offering the most bang for your buck. They offer plans with annual deductibles as low as $100 up to $1000 with no lifetime claim limits.

You also have the freedom to choose any licensed veterinary in the state where you live.

From a competitive comparison standpoint, PurinaCare is the only provider out there that offers ALL of the following benefits:

Full hereditary benefits

NO breed restrictions.

NO maximum age limits on enrollment

Chronic disease coverage i.e. diabetes

Offers wellness/preventative care coverage

Offers full behavior therapy (i.e. separation anxiety)

Coverage for dental disease in addition to dental accident

Coverage for veterinary exams

Reimbursement is based on actual veterinarian charges rather than on a standard benefit schedule.

PurinaCare plans are simple to understand.

Get a free quote now from PurinaCare. There is no obligation.

PurinaCare offers pet insurance for Dogs and Cats all over the United States. PurinaCare plans do not exclude hereditary conditions or behavior therapy, and better yet do not exclude any breed or age. Our plans are simple to understand and comprehensive!


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