Housebreaking a Yorkie

Housebreaking a Yorkie can seem like an impossible task.  Rest assured it is not.  A little patience, perseverance, and a cool head are all you need to accomplish this task of housebreaking your Yorkie.

When I first got my Yorkies, I was away at work a lot, so bringing them outdoors to do their business five times per day was not an option. That being the case, what on earth could I do? My apartment had wall to wall carpeting, so I was desperate to housebreak my Yorkie.

Then it occurred to me.  My bathroom had tile floors.  Of course.  My mother potty trained all of the cats that we had, why couldn't I house break my Yorkies to do the same?

Here's how I did it:

The first step in housebreaking a Yorkie is catching them in the act. You MUST catch them in the act. After doing so, issue a stern NO! Telling them NO! after the fact will do absolutely nothing to housebreak a Yorkie.  Contrary to their high intellect, they will not associate your command with their relieving themselves earlier. Now along with my stern no, I picked them up and put them in the bathroom every time I caught them in the act. Granted I had to do this quite a few times, but it worked! My oldest one Lola even poos in the tub, and I didn't even teach her that. If only I could teach her to pee in the tub. I'm not going to push the envelope though, I'm just very happy to have them to where they at least go in that room which has tiled floors.

Bottom line? It worked. My method succeeded in housebreaking a Yorkie. Not one, but both of my Yorkies are now house trained.

Have something to add to this? Because there are certainly quite a few ways to do this. Share your methods with the community by using the simple form down below, and it will be added to this page ASAP.

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