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Yorkshire Terrier Overview


Yorkshire Terriers are known for both their small size and big personalities. They are a toy breed, and as adults, should not go over 7 pounds.


Don't let their small size fool you...When it comes to protecting their territory, they make great watch dogs with their "full-sized" attitude. They will bark when someone or something is around.


Yorkie dogs are very intelligent with an amazing hunting capability. They are known for being able to figure things out.


Yorkies are extremely loving and loyal, and will bond quickly to people. They love to be part of the family. Since families have small children, it's important to point out that Yorkies tend to be nervous around small children due to the fact that they want to constantly pick them up. It is important to teach small children how to hold them properly.


Because Yorksire Terriers love praise and attention, they are relatively easy to train. Training a Yorkie requires consistency however as their intellect permits them to figure out ways around that of which they have been taught.


Yorkie dogs are very athletic, and will keep themselves well exercised even in a small living environment. Walking, running, and playing are favorite activities for them.


Yorkies live for a long time as they are a healthy breed. They can live 15 or more years. To insure a long life, it is important that they eat a well balanced diet.


Yorkie dogs have hair, and not fur like many other dogs. Because of this, they shed a whole lot less. This makes them more suitable as pets for people who suffer from allergies. Weekly bathing and brushing is all that is required to keep your little friend looking tip top. 

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